Samstag, 1. März 2014

Loft Conversions: Making A New Room

There are, on the whole, two reasons that people think about having loft conversions carried out. One is that it will mean that the value of your property is going to be increased. The other is that you will have more space available. We'll be considering both of these factors as we explore the best sort of loft conversion to get.

An Extra Bedroom

Whichever reason you are most interested in loft conversions, whether to create more space in the home or to increase the value of your property, an extra bedroom provides you with the best of both worlds. It is therefore one of the most popular ways of converting a loft.

Let's take the case, for example, that your family is growing. Before too long you are going to need another bedroom. The first thing people usually think about in that situation is selling up and moving somewhere else. However it would probably be cheaper to simply convert the loft, and make an extra bedroom where you are.

It is because of this fact, that making another bedroom is cheaper than buying a house that already has more bedrooms, that means that this is the best way of adding value to your property as well. Because when you come to sell your house, the added value should be more than what the conversion cost in the first place.

Games Room

While you may be in a situation in which you need a new bedroom, when it just comes to what people want, a games room is usually right up there on the list. When you're not worrying about adding the most amount of value to your home then, and you don't have any other practical considerations, then games room loft conversions are going to be worth looking at.

Sometimes people have a particular reason to want a games room, often it is so that they can fit something in there which would not be available anywhere else. A pool table, or a snooker table, for instance both fall into this category. Or it might be somewhere to take noisy activities like playing video games, so that the living room can be used to watch TV, listen to music, or just relax.

If you want to have a games room for yourself but you also want to add the most amount of value then you could set it up in such a way that it could easily be used as a bedroom instead. That's not to say that a games room won't add some value, but it is not something people really need so it won't add the most.

Other Rooms

Theoretically there is no limit to the use to which you can put a loft conversion. It might be something as simple as somewhere to gaze at the stars through a skylight. It might be another living room, a music room, even a kitchen. If you only want to use it for the extra space, then it really just comes down to what you want an extra room for.

Practical Aspects

Of course while you can come up with any plan you life for a loft conversion, that does not necessarily mean that it is going to be practical. Mainly though all you have to think about is whether there is enough head space and whether the floor is going to be strong enough.

What some people worry about when they are thinking of getting a loft conversion is the amount of time that it will take to get planning permission. There is good news there though as usually that is not required anymore, although of course you should make sure before you proceed. And if you do have any difficulties with the loft, then another possible option is a garage conversion.

Dienstag, 25. Februar 2014

Are Real Estate Agents Generally Necessary In Selling Houses?

If you are looking for a profitable investment, flipping houses may be a good option for you. Flipping houses is buying and selling houses quickly to make profit. While it is true that there are risks in doing this, you just need to learn some basic tips to make it work for you. To be successful in this venture, it is important that you have knowledge of the local property trends. In addition, learning how to sell house without estate agent will give you a greater potential to make money.

The first option you have is the fix-and-flip option. You can do this by purchasing a house at a very low market value and you start to fix it up to sell it for a considerable profit. With this option, it is important that you know how to meet the requirements for renovating a house. You need to be alert and not become a victim of red tape as time is essential in this business. When it comes to marketing and getting the property sold, you might be wondering 'Is it possible to sell my house without estate agent?' "

Of course it would be better if you could sell your property without using any agent. This, however, also means that you are willing to learn the ins and outs of real estate business. It is important for those who want to sell house without estate agent to know their market really well. You may even feel sometimes that your property is not interesting at all to any buyers.

In this case, you should find better ways of advertising your property for sale. This could seem difficult to do without an agent, but with the help of the internet, this can be quite easy.

If you decide not to use a real estate agent to sell your property, then you should think of selling as an FSBO (for sale buy owner). You might also be wondering, 'Can I really sell my house without estate agent?', the simple answer is of course you can! Sites like Craigslist and eBay auction are recommended sites for selling properties.